Keeping your servers securely backed up is vitally important, but there are a number of ways in which it can go wrong.

Frequently, backups are stored locally, sometimes even on the machine that is being backed up. This leaves them vulnerable to hardware failures, data corruption, and ransomware attacks.

Incorrectly configured backups can also introduce new vulnerabilities. If you experience an attack, your servers may automatically ship the malicious code to your backup server, corrupting your previous protection.

Setting up a complete end-to-end system requires a particular set of technical skills which are distinct from the usual skills involved in server administration.

BackUpScale is a security & privacy-focused SaaS solution for companies and organizations with a high need for data protection and archiving. The data is encrypted at all points in the system and is never readable without the keys.

It provides protection against data loss, including the ability to back out of ransomware attacks without paying off malicious actors.

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